Market Insights

Year 2021

Is Encapsulation an Ancient Technology for Package Protection?

Dr Kuah Teng Hock, Eric
Vice President of Encapsulation Technology

The method of encapsulstion, are often mistaken to be of a dated technology. However, it might not be the case. Mr Eric Kuah, Vice President of Encapsulation Technology of ASM Pacific Technology explains why Encapsulation remains as relevant as ever. 

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ASMPT Going Full Speed into MiniLED and MicroLED

An interview by Yole Développement.

Source: i-micronews

ASMPT, a leading advanced packaging equipment provider, has been quick to react to the fast-growing miniLED market and the emerging microLED opportunity. The company is already offering a collection of tools to address the needs of both miniLED and microLED display makers.

Yole Développement analysts Eric Virey and Zine Bouhamri talked with Jonathan Ku, ASMPT’s Senior Director of business development, about the company’s strategy and prospects for miniLED and microLED.

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AIoT Drives Automotive Camera Production to Excellence

Dr. Song Keng Yew, James. Vice President and General Product Manager.       
Mr. Choo Wing Cheong, Adrian Senior Market Development Manager - CIS

Digital Age, characterized by a heavy focus on automation, real-time data, connectivity, embedded sensors, and machine learning. With the marriage of IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into an ‘AIoT’ ( Artificial Intelligence of Things) involves infusing AI capabilities into ‘smart assembly lines’ that enable equipment to independently examine data, perform analysis make and act on those decisions. 

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