Market Insights

Year 2022

Demystifing Mass Bonding - ASMPT & Hangjia Net Collaboration

This infographic is brought to you by ASMPT and Hangjia Net - where we unveil and demystify our mass bonding technology. Read on to find out more how ASMPT's mass bonding technology works hand in hand to spearhead the era of micro-LED.

First published on Hangjia Net.

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Being Vigilant & Managing the Course of Advanced Packaging Technology Development

First published on: Silicon Semiconductor China 

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ASMPT's Product VORTEX Won Hangjia Aurora Golden Award of Mini/ Micro LED for Two Consecutive Years! What are the Reasons for VORTEX’s Award?

ASM Pacific Technology's mini LED die bonder VORTEX successfully secures an award at the Hangjia Aurora Awards, held in Shenzhen,China.
Read more to find out what makes VORTEX a award-winning die bonder and how it can help you in your production.

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