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Encapsulating the Future of High-Powered Electronics

Dr Kuah Teng Hock, Eric
Vice President of Encapsulation Technology
With special thanks to 
P. Angelito, Lin Yi, K. Haribaskar, R. Ravi, Yan Kar Weng, Eugene Wee

As the world moves inexorably towards cleaner energy sources to gradually replace fossil fuel technologies and these alternatives are electric in nature.This wave of vehicle electrification necessitates car manufacturers using a much amount of semiconductor technology for their solutions, which will subsequently lead to the design and assembly of increasingly high-powered electronics (HPE) components to power the cars of the future. Read on to see how ASMPT plays a role in pushing the globe towards a greener future. 

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Is Encapsulation an Ancient Technology for Package Protection?

Dr Kuah Teng Hock, Eric
Vice President of Encapsulation Technology

The method of encapsulstion, are often mistaken to be of a dated technology. However, it might not be the case. Mr Eric Kuah, Vice President of Encapsulation Technology of ASM Pacific Technology explains why Encapsulation remains as relevant as ever. 

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ASM Pacific Technology leads the upsurge and breakthrough of camera sensors

A part of our life takes place in a virtual environment and the world is greatly transformed by things like digital workplace, virtual learning, mobile web, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT), indicating how smart life has truly become the new normal.

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High Performance Computer System Booming AI and Cloud Computing – ASMPT Plays an Important Role

Due to the COVID-19, a new normal has emerged, and this new 'Smart Life 2.0' lifestyle has created new forms of products and technologies. With that, ASMPT is right behind powering these trends. Read on to find out how ASMPT has continually enabling the digital world. 

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ASMPT Well Positioned to Ride The Next Wave of Advanced Packaging in Heterogeneous Integration

By: Mr. Lim Choon Khoon
Senior Vice President of ASM Pacific Technology
Business Unit CEO (IC/Discrete & CIS) Semiconductor Solutions

Effective from Jan 1, 2020, ASM Pacific Technology’s (ASMPT) Back-end Equipment Segment has been renamed to Semiconductor Solutions Segment. The other two segments – SMT Solutions Segment and Materials Segment remains unchanged.

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RADIANCE-S: The Key to Calibration in ToF 3D Sensing Module Assembly

By: Mr. Au Po Lam, Benny Assistant Vice President — CIS
Mr. Choo Wing Cheong, Adrian Senior Market Development Manager — CIS

Fast and precise sensing is the most valuable items for HMI to enable the automation world. Since late 2018, Time-of-Flight (ToF), one of the 3D depth sensing technology, has become the new trend and has been widely implemented in various industries.

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ASMPT Going Full Speed into MiniLED and MicroLED

An interview by Yole Développement.

Source: i-micronews

ASMPT, a leading advanced packaging equipment provider, has been quick to react to the fast-growing miniLED market and the emerging microLED opportunity. The company is already offering a collection of tools to address the needs of both miniLED and microLED display makers.

Yole Développement analysts Eric Virey and Zine Bouhamri talked with Jonathan Ku, ASMPT’s Senior Director of business development, about the company’s strategy and prospects for miniLED and microLED.

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AIoT Drives Automotive Camera Production to Excellence

Dr. Song Keng Yew, James. Vice President and General Product Manager.       
Mr. Choo Wing Cheong, Adrian Senior Market Development Manager - CIS

Digital Age, characterized by a heavy focus on automation, real-time data, connectivity, embedded sensors, and machine learning. With the marriage of IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into an ‘AIoT’ ( Artificial Intelligence of Things) involves infusing AI capabilities into ‘smart assembly lines’ that enable equipment to independently examine data, perform analysis make and act on those decisions. 

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AOI Automotive

Keeping an AOI’ on Autonomous Driving’s Future

By Dr. Song Keng Yew, James, Mr Glenn Siew Hai Koon, and Mr. Tang Chee Meng

Safety is the primary concern in the automotive industry. With more complex camera assemblies, the need to ensure the best quality from the manufacturing process becomes the most critical. It has indicated that there is an increasing market demand for its Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines to replace conventional inspection methods that employ human operators. With its automated visual inspection of component manufacture using a camera that autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure and quality defects, AOI is overall much more reliable and repeatable than manual visual inspection


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Realising the Smart Factory Vision through an AI-of-Things (AIoT) Approach

By Joe Tan, Business Development Director in ATS IC/DISCRETE of ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. (ASMPT)

With an AIoT approach properly put in place, the entire manufacturing value chain can be increasingly equipped with new ways to develop, innovate, and manufacture. AIoT is a massive step towards a vision of achieving the Holy Grail of zero DPPM manufacturing while boosting quality, yield and cost standards across the entire electronics manufacturing value chain.

ASMPT AIoT approach to realize the Smart Factory for electronics manufacturing is a detailed methodology requiring patience and commitment on a journey that can span years with challenges such as handling/ enabling legacy equipment, software integration efforts, and the ubiquitous ROI justifications to stakeholders, among others.


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