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At ASMPT, we put our people first.  We are committed to helping our people achieve their professional aspirations through a fulfilling career with ASMPT. We have created a conducive working and learning environment that involves and motivates every employee to go further, to innovate and to excel. We devote our energy and resources on activities that engage and better people’s lives while contributing to the well-being of the environment, society and community. 

Life at ASMPT

We believe that a healthy, balanced work environment is a vital building block of people development. Thus, we have created a fun and engaging workplace for our people to grow, learn and care for others through two key thrusts: Engagement and Responsibility.

Our People around the World

I have the opportunity to travel overseas for work and can experience different cultures. It is fun and enriching to work with different nationalities. 


Jason Heng

Analyst Programmer

It is fun to work in ATS. The colleagues are friendly and I receive good guidance from the seniors. It is a good learning environment for me as I do not have any prior working  experience.


Penny Law

Electronics Engineer

The exciting and vibrant working environment in ATS accurately describes the reason why I like to work in ATS.  The management and managers have no qualms in providing intensive guidance and arranging training programmes to develop young engineers on technical and interpersonal skills.


Donovan Tee

Mechanical Engineer

The environment encourages sharing and exchange of knowledge and research findings among colleagues. Through such discussions, we learn from one another. It also offers us opportunities to brainstorm new ideas, to complement one another and to conduct research on different projects.


Chan Wai Kit

Mechanical Engineer

I am grateful to ASMPT for organising activities outside work environment that allow us to develop our strengths and realise our potential. 


Boris Choi 

Mechanical Engineer

I am not aware of any other team that works together in such a committed, helpful and motivated manner. We have gone through thick and thin and have mastered a carve-out and a merger. We also get along well outside of work. What's best is the openness of the entire SIPLACE team towards new technologies, new challenges, new cultures, new people, and our customers and business partners.


Ralf Blömer

Head Cluster Germany – Düsseldorf

What are the factors that attract my colleagues and me to make concerted efforts in this business without changing our ground?

First of all, it is the SIPLACE Spirit, its energy and passion, which joins the frontline sales and service, business, logistics, finance and other departments hands in hands in full cooperation for the common goal “Together #1”.

Secondly, it is the excellent working environment and harmonious relationship between our colleagues as we rely on and support each other. Whatever difficulties we encounter, we will find the right solutions.

Last but not least, it is the outstanding corporate culture. Whatever position you are holding in the company, in communication you are treated as an equal. SIPLACE is just like a big family that unites all employees under the same umbrella. The company offers an equal development platform for all, allowing employees to develop in a wide space, and it is because of this that I have grown up to be the Business Manager of the South Region starting from a newbie.


Liu Ting

Sales Business Administration – Shenzhen

My job is never routine. Each day brings new challenges. I like to accept responsibility when a problem has to be solved.

My largest project at SIPLACE so far involved software. We had to modify and integrate almost every SIPLACE software product for a particular customer, who wanted to have a standardized general solution that would be able to control his production processes on his newest line with SIPLACE machines as well as on his five older SIPLACE lines.

This project demonstrated not only to me, but to our customers and competitors what exceptional solutions and services the SIPLACE team can produce. It also allowed me to work closely with our developers in Munich and Singapore. For example, we made the various software programs run as a unit. At the end of the day, this enabled us to significantly accelerate the customer's production and celebrate a success story that made headlines throughout the industry.

Stories like these make me proud to be a member of the global SIPLACE family.


Arne Jensen

Service Engineer - Denmark

AS Assembly Systems

I enjoy working for SIPLACE mainly because of the openness among colleagues. The work culture here enables workers to voice out their opinions and carry out tasks in their own way. At the same time the team will always be there to give their input as well as support.


Neeraj Bhardwaj

Sales Manager

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