Having an inclusive, engaged and skilled workforce is critical to the success of our business. ASMPT respects human rights. Our human resource practices support human rights principles. These include fair employment practices, and a reporting of grievance and harassment policy.  

Labour Practices & Human Rights

ASMPT upholds and respects human rights. Our commitment to human rights is supported by our Code of Conduct.


• No discrimination and harassment

ASMPT prohibits discrimination against any person because of his/her gender, race, age, religion, nationality, marital status, disabilities and/or other aspects. The above also do not constitute the criteria to which decisions on recruitment, salary adjustment, promotion prospects and staff benefits are based upon.


• Humane Treatment

Employees are our assets and they are treated with respect and dignity. ASMPT is intolerant to any forced labour. All employment is voluntary. No slavery or human trafficking is allowed. No personnel shall be maltreated or treated inhumanely. Under no circumstances shall harassment, violence, abuse or exploitation in any form be allowed. All welfare and benefits to which employees are entitled shall be safeguard.


• Child and Juvenile Labour

ASMPT does not employ any person who is under the minimum age requirement stipulated by local laws and regulations or under the age for completing compulsory education.

Occupational Health & Safety

ASMPT remains committed to create a safe and healthy work environment for our staff.


• Health & Safety

We strive to minimise any potential safety hazards. Practices such as proper design, engineering controls and administrative controls are adopted to eliminate and isolate the hazards. Personal protective equipment and appropriate administrative controls such as safe work procedures shall be provided to relevant employees where appropriate.


We also identify, evaluate and control employee exposure to hazards of physically demanding tasks including manual material handling, heavy lifting, prolonged standing and highly repetitive or forceful assembly tasks.


ASMPT believes that a clean work environment can help to raise employee efficiency. Hence, we strive to maintain a high level of hygiene in the workplace through practices like regular office cleaning, daily cleaning of public and common areas and provision of clean drinking water.


• Emergency Preparedness

ASMPT identifies and assesses potential emergency situations and events on a regular basis. To minimise the impact of such situation, emergency plans and response procedures are implemented. These include measures such as emergency reporting, employee notification and evacuation procedures, emergency drills and disaster recovery plans.


• Recordable Injury Rate Reduction

Our commitment to safety is strictly observed from the engineering of our products to the manufacturing processes and is extended to operator training, field site supporting and the workplace culture that guide the way we work.


We continually work towards building a world-class standard in safety. Our goal is to achieve a 20% reduction in recordable injury rate year-on-year.

Workplace Wellness

As a dominant player in the assembly and packaging equipment sector, ASMPT is able to attract good talents and resources. In order to retain and motivate them, we organise a number of workplace wellness programmes for their well-being. These include but not limited to, Family Day, Health Check-up Day, Healthy Food Day, Workout Day as well as a non-smoking campaign.


As continuous education and skills upgrade are important aspects of professional development, we offer educational subsidies to our staff and sponsor them for part-time degree courses. For instance, we have organising post-secondary diploma courses jointly with a local technical institute in Shenzhen for our staff since 2002.


In the recreational and fitness aspect, we organise sports and social activities like hiking, football, basketball, taekwondo, yoga, Wing Chun marital arts, ukulele via sports clubs and interest groups. This is in addition to annual sports meetings and carnivals.


As part of our community commitment, we regularly participate in community works as well as organise various outreach activities. For instance, staff in Hong Kong office arranged volunteer visits to sheltered workshop for the ex-mentally ill and students with severe mental impairment. They also participated in the UNICEF Charity Run with increasing number of staff participation year-on-year to support UNICEF’s HIV/AIDS prevention works. They have been collaborating with New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association for Christmas Sale since 2012 to help the ex-mentally ill to blend into the society.


We have been awarded the “18 Districts Caring Employers” award for our outstanding achievement in social responsibility since 2012.


ASMPT has been awarded the “Caring Company Logo” since 2012 by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our commitment in caring for the community, employees and environment. This award recognises companies that have demonstrated good corporate citizenship.